Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration Du Jour: still thinking about that getaway house.

We have land in Ramona (just east of Escondido/San Diego). Not much around it, save for a bunch of small farms and custom homes. Nothing too grand.

It's a nice little drive from town and just about two hours from where we live.  This land has belonged to my family since I was a kid, and it just sits there. I think it would be the perfect location for a weekend house, but it might be difficult to convince everyone else of the idea.

But it's nice to dream. I really wouldn't need much...

Lots of windows for natural light.

A few bedrooms with very minimal furniture (I'm thinking all white walls and white fluffy down comforters). 

Thick and colorful Mexican blankets. 

Thrift shop mid-century ish furniture. 

An Eames recliner. 

A simple kitchen.

A small pool and hot tub. 

Is that too much for a simple house in the country?

Monday, April 27, 2009

I <3 Big Sur

I have fantasies about Big Sur

A trip back is long overdue. The last time I visited was February of 2007.  It was a trip with my darling Nicky. We drove up in our little car and carved through the dark and tiny roads until we reached our destination: a small cabin situated next to a brook that morphed into a small river while we were there.

We didn't do much walking or hiking because of the weather.  But with no television, internet or cell service, we spent a lot of time drawing and listening to music. We have some really funny portraits and hand drawings. It was actually a really beautiful bonding weekend.

We did venture out to eat a few times. Big Sur Bakery is still one of my all time favorite places.  They have the most beautiful pastries and selections of tea. Just the atmosphere and the locals make me want to imagine my life simpler.  Another night we braved the torrential downpour to have dinner at Nepenthe Inn. Apparently the views are breathtaking on clear day, but the banana cream pie and warm fire place more than made up for what we couldn't see out the window.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hell on heels...

But in a good way...

HELL-O lover! I've been fawning over you for awhile. 

Imagining a rendezvouz with you and skinny jeans. Or a spin around town with you and cropped + tapered black trousers. Or a very important meeting with you and an equally important skirt

All of this can come true, if only I just go with my heart and commit by clicking "CHECKOUT" on the website...


More deliciousness

In keeping with yesterday's post about inspiring foods, today I picked up a copy of the latest Gourmet magazine. There's great article on San Gabriel (just east of Los Angeles) chinese cuisine.

Despite my fullness level, I can always put away another perfectly portioned chinese pastry. And upon seeing delicious photos of Peking Duck, memories of dining with family in San Francisco and of course memories of my beloved dad.

Photo by Kim Badway

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiring Foods du Jour!

I'm always hungry. Ask anyone. 

If not physically hungry, then hungry to look and read about food. 

Funny thing about me, is I'm not that adventurous of a foodie. I like to read good reviews, get a good recommendation rather than go out and be a pioneer. I enjoy the act of discovery, but I don't like uncharted territory. I also enjoy being in the elite group of "those in the know" but I don't need to be the very first person to stake the claim.

Well here are a few places that capture my curiosity and appetite! I need to venture out of the kitchen (this Recession encourages me to eat at home more, you?) - and these spots just might get me there (though of all places, I really want to be in the Big Easy). 


and because my lovely boyfriend is in New Orleans for Jazzfest
Image of banoffee pie from Gourmet, taken by Romula Yanes

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vintage Spectacles

I finally got my vintage spectacles fitted with prescription lenses! I am a little self conscious wearing them because I don't really like when people comment on my appearance. But they are so cool, I need to get over that PRONTO!

One pair is a translucent black over a green plastic frame which are a wide cat eye shape (not so pointy on the sides). The other is a lavender honey colored plastic frame with pink and white rhinestones lining the top. So lovely. Definitely a pair I can wear without much accessories!

I purchased them at Old Focals in Old Town Pasadena, but there are a few other places around LA. I'm really into the euro nerd look right now, but then again I think I've always liked that metropolitan librarian style. XO.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a beautiful little shop in Echo Park

I love listening to music on vinyl. First, it's amazing to me how sound comes out of a needle in a groove. But then it lends an atmospheric quality to the music that really brings you into the music and the moment. I'm inspired to do that this weekend. And one afternoon next week, I'm going to head to this shop to check out what new records I need.