Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to Studio Number Fun

Well, really, I work at Studio Number One, but we like to interchange ONE with FUN every once in awhile.


I'm loving this girl's tattoo.

More beautiful 30s inspiration

I'm savoring this blistering-hot day in Los Angeles, but I'm still thinking about looks for Fall.

from Jean Paul Gaultier's runway show, via

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainbow Connection

I'm really loving this necklace made from hyper-colored strips of leather. 

It's so happy, and reminds me of a rainbow-toothed smile.

Image and necklace available at Emma Carroll, Etc.

The Future looks a lot like a Commune

At least that's what SLoW and I have been dreaming of.

We had friends over the other evening and we conversed about families who build and live in close proximity to each other. Why do some cultures embrace the idea of familial community, while others can't wait to leave?

Although I was the lone child in our house, my parents both came from tight-knit families. And I have never lived far from my parents, but it could also be that as an only child, I had an uncharacteristically great friendship with my folks.

I made the parallel of countries with big food cultures, and maybe even a step further than that: big food cultures which center around a big family table for everyone to dine together, may be more likely to stick close by?

In any case, SLoW and I have been inspired about this idea of a commune, in which good friends and family live amongst each other in like-minded, environmentally-sound harmony. What would it look like? Who would be our neighbors? What would we grow? 

Not sure what talent I will contribute to the Utopia, just know our house will be the one with the big dining table.


Photo from Smitten Kitchen

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starting to think about Autumn

Fall is by far my favorite season. Not that we have seasons here in Los Angeles, but I love the feeling of returning some place - a little older/wiser, armed with new supplies (no.2 pencils have now been replaced by eyeliner) and new shoes (fashionable to functional, but preferably both, but in a pinch the former).

I have become accustomed to planning a "look" for the coming seasons. Not that I follow it to a T, but it serves more of a visual inspiration for me. This summer was Bardot - with her lined eyes, full nude lips and tousled bun (I attempted volume at the roots, but lazily resorted to volumizing spray).

Traditionally for Fall, I go ladylike. And for most of my adult life, I've preferred a sophisticated school marm look with traces of femme fatale - oh the befuddling dichotomy. Although in this economy, it's more sensible to be a boho blouse, skinny jean wearing girl with super high boots or a nice Rachel Comey clog, but I suppose that's why we indulge in fantasy. Aspiration inspires motivation.

For the upcoming season, my style icon is Jean Harlow. Her hair is like a halo of rippled of white gold, her brows, barely perceptible, carry her look over to: unlike mere mortals territory, and her crimson lips are forbidden fruit.

Without further ado, here are some of the images littering my inspiration board for Fall 09. XOXO.

It all starts with an alluring air: Le Labo Rose 31, a rose scent tempered with woodsyness and spice.

Vivid conversation ensues: Lip colors such as Nars Heatwave, MAC Red She Said or Lipstick Queen Red Sinner would be very engaging.

Demonstrative fingers: Chanel Vendetta

An exit strategy: YSL Imperiale Pumps (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Image of Jean Harlow from Classic Actresses

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shoe Obsession Du Jour

How beautiful are these Miu Miu platform pumps. I think I will always love glitter!

If they had any left in my size (sold out in a matter of days!), they would be mine (perhaps for our wedding next May).

And these Christian Louboutins are simply breathtaking. That's pretty daring statement coming from a girl who broke her knee last fall riding her bicycle.

Photos from Net-A-Porter

Musings in the Kitchen

Lately, I've been perfecting a few Summer weekend staples:

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs (Stubb's & Sweet Baby Ray's sauces, made me a BBQ sauce convert)

- Barbecued Chicken (good standby and leftovers)

- Sweet Summer Corn (I like to cut my kernel off the cob, SLoW likes to baste his in butter, in the husk)

- Stone Fruit Crisps (plums, nectarines, cherries. Whatever looks pretty at the market)

I think late summer deserves a a new culinary challenge:

- Fried Chicken

- and fluffy Biscuits! 

And I cannot wait to get this new book from one of my favorite places: Big Sur Bakery!