Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whatever you call me, it sounds delicious!

My mom used to call me "Pumpkin" when I was a kid. My beau calls me "Punkin" - he seems to think that's the correct term.

Regardless of the version, that moniker makes me hungry (or lately, I'm just hungry all the time!). And because the temperatures have dropped a little (it's now a fair 70s instead of the 90s) - I can go back to waxing poetic about the season and all the deliciously seasonally-appropriate things I want to taste and bake this season. XO

Honey Pumpkin Meringue Tart from Culinary Concoctions from Peabody
Fig Apple Crostata from Italian Food Forever

More 4 Eyes

I'm in love with these frames by Prism London

Everything about them - the colors, the side detail, the shapes. Now it's just a matter of narrowing down which one and which color! Grey and clear (and classic black) are equally fantastic.

Top - bottom: Paris in Crystal Grey, New York in Clear and Rio in Matte Black 

More ways to wear on their blog.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh My Dahlias!

We just returned from our too-short trip to Sumas - a tiny border town in Washington. Growing up in LA, I was shocked to see storefronts closed on Sunday and nary a car on the road (except to and from church). I love seeing small towns - driving on roads flanked by green fields, barns and cows (or goats!).
I especially loved seeing all the dahlias and geraniums in people's gardens. Dahlias have such bright and cheery faces - to me, they're the epitome of happiness in a flower.

Photos from Connell's

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Heart

My precious boy (even though he's in the double digits!).

He still is, and will always be, well as my side kick, little mirror, coffee date, taste tester, quick draw partner, carpool buddy and many, many other things. It's amazing how kids tell us truths about ourselves, just by being themselves. Expressions, mannerisms, interests, laughter - those things don't lie!
I look at these photos from a few years back and sit in disbelief of where the time went. Uncharacteristically, my dad once told me that all we have is now. It was a comment made once, when Nicky was still a wee-one. Years later, I understand what he was referring to and it makes me a little misty-eyed to feel the same sense of regret that my dad must have felt about me.

Of course, he was right. Now is all there is and that's a gift. A very precious one.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Making Mischief

Where the Wild Things Are is on of the most anticipated movies...ever! At least in my circle of friends.

The trailer looks magical - I can't wait to watch it with Mister W. & ND.  I hope they make PJs based on the characters. Come to think of it, I'm sure there will be many folks dressed like cuddly monsters on Halloween! That would be a really fun party idea. 

And I love how this South Carolina gallery created an exhibit inspired by the book and forthcoming film.  Take a look!


Happy Weekend!

Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! Mister W. & I are off to a little city in the lovely state of Washington. I hope to have photos of comforting food and chillier weather when I return. And I hope I'm as chic as this beautiful lady whilst traveling. Hmmm...XO

photo by Garance Dore

Your words, they follow me - wherever I go.

How precious are these little library necklaces? Made from scraps of leather and old books - they have an old romantic quality to them.

Available at TheBlackSpotBooks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I once had a Spanish book

Titled: Churros y Chocolate. I think it was my sophomore year in prep school. I have to say the title made me more interested in class. Chocolate and Spanish donuts? Si. ¡Por Favor! What a brilliant way to get a teen-aged girl into learning.

So they didn't serve it in class, but at the very least you would think there would be a recipe in the book. Right? ¡Que Lastima! There wasn't. And now, yo tengo hambre. Boo!


photo from And then I do the dishes

I <3 Coco

I'm so excited for this film, opening tomorrow (in New York and Los Angeles)!

I can't wait to see how Audrey Tautou transforms into Coco Chanel, the beautiful costumes and, of course, the LOVE story.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And I ate all the macaroni salad.

Yesterday was the first day of fall. I forgave the weather goddess for keeping us so toasty.

But today is still warm! (Actually feels like brushfire weather). So I conceded and had some macaroni salad with my lunch. 

If it feels like Summer, I suppose it's okay to eat like it is.  Sherbet and watermelon sounds delightful too (together even).


Image from Ffffound

This would go perfectly!

With those bored room meetings I've talked about...


Insanely cute hate by Little Marc by Marc Jacobs. Available here.

The Lake & Stars, Fall/Winter 2009

I've been a fan of this modern lingerie line out of Brooklyn since they started.

The company, and even the euphemism behind the name, is inspiring. Their current collection is so beautiful - makes me wish I could work from home, wearing their luxurious playthings, all day.

Sneak peek their Spring/Summer 2010 collection here.


Images from The Lake & Stars

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn <3

It's officially that time of year! 

I can't wait to have my first pumpkin something, light some woodsy candles, snuggle up in a blanket and take my dog for a walk in the cool evening air.  Did I mention scarves, tights and knee-high boots

And how can I forget, KNITTING!

Yippee! Have a lovely Fall day! 


photo from Ffffound

Just Look Up

You know those weeks that take your breath away, but not really in a good way?

I feel like I've been experiencing a lot of those lately - struggling to keep up with work, life, home, etc. I know this is "normal" and a symptom of growing up, but really?

To counter my stolen breaths, I make a point of taking deep breaths, and getting some good old space. And as I reminded myself this weekend, some OUTER space too!

Uncharacteristically, I decided to steal a quiet minute outside. I tilted up my head and peering into the night sky, spied sparkling dots of light, some faint, some bright but staring back at me as if they were my own reflection.

It was heaven - literally! Stargazing is certainly one of life's inspiring gifts and simple pleasures. For a few moments I was able to sit in awe and imagine what was happening way over there. I found that I could breath easy and smile at the chaos life can be. After all, when you have such majestic beings overhead how can we not count ourselves lucky? At least for a moment.


photos from NASA

Monday, September 21, 2009

Homage to Punky Brewster

Do you remember that show? I do. I LOVED Punky. I wanted to be her. I would draw her and send my pictures to the show in hopes that mine would be selected as the featured art at the end of an episode.

She was a great muse. The way she haphazardly tied a bandana around her jeans, mismatched her colors/patterns and rocked the side ponytail - was so brilliant to a girl who had to wear jumpers to school (red or blue, but no way to wear both together).

This may be why I love rainbows so much.  I have equal admiration for glitter and hearts, but those come from other influences.


All jewelry by Steven Shein

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today is Tie-day!

Fitting that today's earlier post was about menswear. Today, we decided to wear ties. Yes it's Friday, but there's no rule that says we have to be casual.

Simple Pleasures and another reason we like to call ourselves: 

Studio Number FUN!

Here's a play by play of what happened in our morning meeting.

A normal meeting begins.

A debate ensues.

The controversial brief.

Nobody wants to claim responsibility.

Here comes the finger pointing.

Denial sets in.

T is not fooled.

A final attempt to win us over.

Leads to extreme consequences!!!

Photography: Devin Gallagher, Production Assistant of OBEY Giant

Storyline by: Florencio Zavala, Associate Creative Director of Studio Number One

Ties: Associates own

Location: Studio Number One, Los Angeles, CA

Mistook For A Man

The allure of menswear has everything to do with men. The fabrics, the components, the sensibility, the scents. It all maybe a figment of order, but it's such a beautiful expression collectively.

When Fall rolls around, I get inspired to bring out my small collection of ties and bowties, shine my leather shoes, and there's even something sensual and a bit edgy about wearing men's cologne - not the unisex kind, but the REAL kind, made for a man. 

It's not about cross dressing, but there is a sense of strength and structure when incorporating these elements into an otherwise ladylike ensemble. Plaids, tweeds, brogues, vests, a pocket watch, Scotch with a splash. None of this is new. Which is precisely the point.

Image from Boy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Behold! The SLoWJo Monogram

To go along with my love of type, I also love anything that uses letters to create graphics and monograms are no exception to this rule!

In preparation for SLoW and my upcoming nuptials - former carpool buddy, work pal and Associate Creative Director of Studio Number One: Florencio Zavala (other AKAs include: Mr. Stephanie and the other 1/2 of Big Skills) - created this monogram for us.

We love it! It incorporates everything we're trying feature on our wedding day: hearts, scarlet (grey is other color counterpoint), whimsy and a little bit of bright & cheeriness.

Thanks Flo!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

My Astrologyzone forecast warned me about September 15, 2008 - that something was going to happen for which I couldn't have prepared.

That day, er...morning, riding my bike to work, I broke my leg! (my right Tibial Plateau to be exact)

Friends know it changed my life in ways that I couldn't have predicted.

The experience reminded me of the excitements of sponge baths, justification for elevating my leg while on the job, bumming rides off my beau, waitress at IHOP jokes, carrying anything while wielding crutches, sexy leg braces that resembled a plush dominatrix contraption, wearing flats with more frequency than I can remember, toned arms (thanks to the crutches), watching my right leg whittle away to model proportions (exhilarating!), that cities are not built for people with disabilities, how I needed to pare back on social engagements and really focus on the ones that mattered and the joys of Blockbuster (or Netflix) nights!

I received a lot concerned looks and inquiries at my temporary state. I didn't milk it as well as I should have. I didn't cherish my knees before, which will never match again, as I should have. I had pretty cute knees back then.

I thank my lucky stars that I came out of the accident with the injury I had, I know it could have been so much worse.

One of the first questions I tearfully asked my surgeon was "Will I be able to wear heels again?" He looked at me sternly and said "I think walking is the first priority."

I almost forgot about that. Humility was another thing I learned from that experience.


Monday, September 14, 2009

So Much Love.

"Me Voy a Morir de tanto Amor" (translation: I Could Die of So Much Love) composed by Alberto Iglesias is such a beautiful piece. I'm going to look for sheet music and learn to play it on my piano.

Until then, I'll leave you with this. XO

image from Flickr

I'm not necessarily into the idea of the "Denim Suit"

But I do love the idea of a man in a denim shirt - worn and broken in or dark and crisp. Perhaps paired with brown corduroys, some worn Red Wing boots, a compass and a Leatherman tool.

It conjures the idea of being outside - or at least being rugged and able to handle many things.

Such as chopping wood, starting a fire, pitching a tent, catching dinner - keeping me warm.

Levi's denim shirt via Limited Hype

Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling Costume-y

I know there are rules about this in fashion. That it's best to juxtapose a vintage piece with something of today so it doesn't seem too costume-y. 

But everyone loves to play dress up don't they? I remember getting my first Halloween make up kit with colors in a palette and prosthetic paste. I would pour over the guide to see the types of faces that were possible on mine: a cat face with whiskers, a warty witch, a pretty princess, a frowning clown. 

I don't know why but I was particularly drawn to the clown face. Maybe because of it's liberal use of rainbow in the curly wig. It just looked so darned happy - a clown is the life of the party, even with a frowny face!

If the workplace won't let me pull off the ROY G. BIV ringlets, which I think they'd be OK with, maybe they'd let me takie client meetings with one of these chapeaus. 

Every meeting needs a teddy bear once in awhile.


Read my lips.

I love this look by Amy Nadine.

Red lips are such a beautiful and classic feature. I used to be embarrassed wearing red lipstick because I thought my lips were so full, all that red overpowered the rest of my face. Additionally, I didn't want to draw more attention to the fact that I can gab, as my fiance says: without breath, with all that look-at-me-red!

I quickly got over that. I mean even though I'm wearing a nude lip, doesn't mean you can't hear me.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes the eyes see what they want to see.

On my drive to work this morning, I wasn't wearing my eyeglasses again and I saw a delivery truck with a sign that I ecstaticly read as: "UNICORN RENTAL!"

Of course I reread it and found that it was simply "Uniform Rental," but it would have been nice if my eyes were right.


photo from The Equinest

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If love had a (type)face.

It would look like ARCHER. I love type. I love letters. I love words. 

My dad had awesome handwriting, some samples I've saved for posterity and sentimentality. 

His intention when he signed something was probably what started my appreciation for fine penmanship, which was the likely precursor to my appreciation of typography.

Thoughtful, expressive, deliberate communication. I miss you.