Friday, January 29, 2010

Moral of the Story: All Good Things.

Eventually come to an end.
After 3-1/2 years at Studio Number One, I'll be moving on. As many friends and colleagues have heard me say recently, leaving the Studio is like parting with family, but like family I know we'll see each other sometime soon!

I'm not sure where I'm off to next, but I trust it's bound to be great, it just has to be. XO

Poster by Richard Roberts

Moral of the Story: It's Good to Have a Fan Club.

Even if it's just one person.

(The other morning Mr. W told me he'd follow me wherever I went. And that makes all the difference. XO)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Being Blue Isn't Always Bad.

Happiest Monday to you!

Finally, a small reprieve from the rain, at least for a few days.

So I'll be singing this song, until the grey skies come back (apparently soon)- XO

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dare to Dream

I thought this was very fitting for today's weather - raindrops, hail! and grey skies as far as the eye can see.

And apparently there's more coming for us Angelenos next week! Brace yourselves -

Dutch in Montrose

I think our little corner of LA County needs a Scandanavian boutique - with wares, linens, pillows, stationary. Okay, maybe we'll throw in touches of American midcentury, with some vintage lighting.

A little something for the idea book. XO

Pillows by Zusss via Style Files

Thursday, January 21, 2010


And I really mean that. Because that means tomorrow is Friday?

With the rain, I feel like it's been the longest week I've seen in awhile. I sound like a wimpy Angeleno, don't I?

So it is. I don't know what properties grapefruit possess, but I'm certainly loving them right now. Maybe it's just the extra boost of Vitamin C or the hint of sunshine against a backdrop of grey.


Photo by Smitten

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Umbrellas Speak Volumes

Yesterday I realized the necessity of a proper(-ly plain) umbrella.

To be honest, even though I'm in marketing, I never realized the power of a logo'd umbrella, until the moment I chose NOT to use one because of a logo (What would that say about me? I thought shallowly).

Yikes. This vanity dilemma inspired a search of umbrellas I'd rather have - and ones I feel more comfortable speaking for me, while shielding me from the elements. And not a logo in sight! XO

Wear your heart over your head, instead of on your sleeve.

Be the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
Stand a part from the crowd.

Emblazon with a jolt of color with a bright and lively Finnish design.

Keep it classic with a unique and sophisticated form.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovely Looks for a Rainy Evening

It may have been raining last night for the Golden Globes, but some of the red carpet looks were so dazzling, it made the weather less dreary (at least for me!).

January Jones - her umbrella is especially lovely. Some called her look school-marmy (what's wrong with that?) - but I thought it she looked put together with her headband and neckline.

Drew Barrymore - I loved the hue of her gown and that whimsical-beaded shoulder action.

Christina Hendricks - she exudes old school Hollywood glamour. Her dress I could do without, but she's always a favorite of mine to watch, period.

Cameron Diaz - classic red and black in a streamlined shape is so graphic.

I think some of the ladies worked those umbrellas to their advantage and the unintended accessory made for a much more interesting and romantic shots. I can't think of anything that doesn't feel more dramatic in the rain (a kiss, a car drive, a walk down the street for coffee, music even! Unless of course, it's a deluge, and then it's just no fun. XO

Friday, January 15, 2010

Studio Number One + Cafe Press for Haiti

To support the relief effort in Haiti, SNO has designed a benefit t-

shirt, with 100% of the retail cost ($15) going to UNICEF, the UN

children's charity that is currently providing medical supplies, water

and temporary shelter in Haiti. I just wanted to let you all know that

this is going on, and if you'd like to support you can order shirts


If you use Facebook or Twitter and would like to spread the word, feel

free to copy and paste this into your status update box:

Help Haiti! $15 gets you this t-shirt, designed by Studio Number One,

& 100% of the cost goes to UNICEF relief efforts in Haiti

Every penny going to Haiti right now means life-saving medicine, water

and shelter, and UNICEF is especially instrumental in securing these

for children.

Please re-post this and help us spread the word! XO

Cheese Please!

Last night as I was making dinner, I recalled this feature in last month's Food and Wine about cheese parties and how the hosts used the leftovers to make the most decadent mac and cheese.

And then this morning, I stumbled upon this cute idea for a cheese party. The hand drawn cheese map and delicate white floral arrangements make for the loveliest presentation. I need to try to replicate this soon!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


When it comes to my nails, it's rare for me to go beyond my basics: neutral nude, classic red or Chanel Vamp. I've never been too trendy - in fact when Hard Candy first came out, I felt the pastels gave my skin an unflattering pallor.

With my on-going 2010 presentation redux, these shades from new polish line RGB, caught my eye. Really lovely riffs off of some of my stand-bys. I can't wait to give them a test coat!




Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Passage Through India

I'm really loving these Very Old Stone Lamps. They're salvaged from ruins of old houses in India!

How beautiful would they look in a home? Perhaps as the center piece to a makeshift altar surrounded by little vessels of flowers and with some incense burning. Or in a garden, tucked away in a quiet corner for deep thoughts. XO

Monday, January 11, 2010

Revisiting Resolutions via Jewelry

In order to keep myself on track with my resolutions, I periodically check my list (yes, so soon I forget). One of the more fun tasks I set out for myself is to recreate my presentation, a facet of which is wardrobe of course!

Coming off the high of some insightful meetings and the inspiration of taking things to new heights (sorry to be so vague), this week's vision consists of a decidely "professional" look in the workplace. Maybe pieces that are more structured or a softer version of a suit.

However with my new professional outlook/look - I still want to maintain my personality and I think these one of a kind necklaces by Elva Fields will really help add an element of whimsy to a more serious outfit.

I'm also intrigued by brooches these days. So more on this resolution later! XO

Friday, January 8, 2010

Teetering Heights

Hmmm, yes I really love these shoes.

Particularly with my hair parted in the middle (although, I can't decide whether my hair will be braided on each side and pinned up). And I would wear a tonal outfit with these - maybe a vintage brown plaid wool skirt, some sort of orange ruffly blouse, cognac colored cardigan and knit-camel colored tights. With a glossy lip and somewhat detached look in the eyes.

Yes, I really love these shoes. XO

Whistler Oxford Clog by Rachel Comey

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In-Flight Dreaming

I'm off the Las Vegas for the International CES, but during the short flight over, I'll imagine I'm on my way to a quiet tropical getaway, like Tulum (Mr. W and I are weighing options for the honeymoon).

Reality: given my current head-stuffiness, I may opt to dream of steeping in some delicious hot springs (preferably with my favorite Eucalytpus bath). And more reality: I'm actually looking forward to meeting people at CES, and seeing my Care Bear cousin: Carolyn, although I could quite do without said cold.

Nothing to do but rally with a smile (and some lovely Zicam nasal spray, with Eucalytpus, thank you very much!).


image from Verana Tulum

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Mr. W and I purchased a very old Western Pronghorn head (don't be mad, please) from the Pasadena Flea market last year and it hangs over our fireplace in our den. (We also thought it would be funny to hang this poster by Douglas Wilson underneath it).

But now our Pronghorn may have some company!

What a fantastic spin on trophies, and I'm sure that paper is recycled, so it's even more angelic (no animals were harmed AND you save the environment). Of course, they're from Anthropologie.


Light to Eat With.

Mr. W and I are on a big home redo. Well, I guess we have been since we moved in together. It keeps us busy and always looking to make our home, more homey. We still haven't found the perfect fixture for our dining room. But I really love the look of this one.

And I really love the idea of it paired with an ornate ceiling medallion, to offset it's simplicity.

Food for thought (for light for food)! XO

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Definitely a fan of: Clemence Poesy

Well, I don't really know much about her theatrical career, other than she was in a Harry Potter movie, but I really dig her style.

And since one of my resolutions is to rethink my presentation (this is a broad resolution, but also applies to how I present myself to the world visually), I'm inspired by her classic staples with an offbeat and unexpected twist. I can definitely incorporate that into my fashion repertoire!

Just saying! I might need to try on some bowler hats.

Or layer disheveled-ly (I think I already do this, but could muss up my hair a bit more).

Or mix my patterns more, although I need to revamp my shoe collection to achieve this particular look!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Can't Help It!

I know there are two blogs featuring this wedding today (here and here), but the details are so amazing! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a wedding?

What really did me in was her Christian Louboutins - I know we've seen them before, but they are perfectly highlighted by her dress length. Those shoes are meant to be seen!

Music on Monday Morning

Happy first Monday of the new year! Still getting caught up at the office, but here's some music (by Rodrigo y Gabriela) that's getting me through the morning.

Hope you have a lovely day! XO

PS. weird trivia - 11:11 is the name of one of their albums. Mr. W always sees 11:11 (and as a result I happen to see it all the time). Strange isn't it? Does anyone know what that means?

Friday, January 1, 2010

I already love you, 2010!

Happy New Year! I was hoping to have access to blog while we were away in Missouri, but as fate would have it, no such luck. However, not having convenient access to the internet was pretty freeing as you can imagine. Cooking, board games, heart opening and warming conversations, movie nights with the family. I lost track of time, which was pretty wonderful in itself. And then I realized last night when we were at LAX, that I didn't think of any resolutions - I panicked a little.

You see, I think it's nice to have some ideas for change/accomplishment as a starting platform for the year. After some quick contemplation - here are mine, so far...
  • Focus on things I'm passionate about, and diversify.
  • Rethink/recreate my presentation.
  • Amp up my fitness/healthful eating habits (1. Of course I'd like to look amazing in my wedding dress, but 2. isn't always just nice to feel your best?).
  • Be more patient! Right now.
  • Read more (books).
  • Be excited everyday.
  • Live in the present, with some designs in mind for the next moment, tomorrow, beyond.
  • Overall: smile more, pout less.
What do you hope to accomplish this year? XO

Image by Abigail Wynne