Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High Tea

Another idea for the books.

I'm a life long Angeleno, but at times I'm quite jealous of NYC, for many reasons. One in particular is that they have Tea and Sympathy.

We need a real tea shop in LA, preferably downtown. I know there's tea service at The Langham and at The Huntington Library, but we need something for everyday! A place with a cozy dining area (but not kitschy or too precious - more modern like Huckleberry or The Rose Bakery in Paris), serving proper scones, tea sandwiches, and counter service with pastries, sandwiches and tea to go.

And let's not forget the British accents. XO

Image from The Pastry Chef at Home


  1. Hey Joycie - It's Puno from way back.

    just recently went to HK for Xmas and we attempted to go to High Tea at the Peninsula but it was packed. Line out the door!

    I ended up getting my fix back at home at Jin Patisserie and Rockenwagner. Unfortunately, they are on the west side, but Rockenwagner's tri-berry scone is mind-blastic.

  2. scones and clotted cream. Heaven.

    There's a place in Pasadena I've been meaning to check out called the Scarlet Tea Room or something. Also, most fancy hotels have tea (like Ritz, Four Seasons, etc).