Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Dutch Love

Yes, Yes, Yes by Parra opens tomorrow at Project Space.

Bold graphics, type!, playful, human - for me there's always an interactive and happy element to his work, even if there's a hint of subversiveness.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Things

Two things I've been wanting to do - visit the Netherlands and obtain some Stumptown grounds for home brewing.

After reading NYTimes blog this morning, I discovered Stumptown, the indie hero coffee company based in Portland made even more famous by the ACE Hotel chain, just opened up a pop-up shop in Amsterdam. How cool is that?

And if the baristas actually dress like those in the photo - can I work there too? XO

Read the whole post here.

PS. Love this too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

PS: About those hearts

I have been wearing them everyday (okay, almost). I just haven't been very good about photographing/posting.

I'll post photos tomorrow! Until then, here's an early photo of our sweet Millie (when she was still a pup) - with her heart-shaped name tag.


The Detangler

When I was at SNO and in the middle of developing the new site, I really wanted to do an ongoing feature called "The Menagerie" named for Tennessee Williams's play - The Glass Menagerie.

The idea was this: a questionnaire answered by an eclectic mix of my favorite people in design/art/culture, etc. - with imagery. Well, great minds think alike and one of my dearest friends Carrie Ford Hilliker just launched something a little similar -

It's a brief voyeuristic view into the life of its subject - personal, surface - emotional, life. It's all there. Great job Carrie!


Images from The Detangler

Not Your Basic Black

I've been switching from flats for driving to heels at the office and back to flats after hours. I find that it really saves me from unnecessary fatigue and gives my arches and calves a rest!

Not that flats don't deserve a spot on the 9-5 shift. I guess I find heels provide more "punch" to a wardrobe. But these new flats from Dolce Vita may just make their way to all day status. I think they're interesting enough to build an ensemble around. XO

Image from Dolce Vita

Thursday, March 25, 2010

XX on a Thursday Morning

I'm really loving this band right now. Especially their current single: Crystallised.

It' the quiet intensity that gets me, just a touch sexy - like two X's instead of three?


Definitely A Fan of: John Robshaw Textiles

I just reconnected with an old friend over the weekend. As we were catching up, he mentioned that he now reps a line of home linens by John Robshaw.

Of course I had to take a look at his site. I'm sorry I missed his speaking engagement at the Pacific Design Center - but I will definitely be following his blog and visiting his shop often for inspiration (and maybe to enliven our home)!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Dreaming

As I sat in traffic this morning (yay!) surfing the radio channels and drinking my Eastern African roast from a paper cup (hiss!) - I daydreamed.

That's not an odd occurrence for me, but I'm getting closer to taking action to realizing a goal.

No, not The Heart Challenge - which is teaching me lessons, or the wedding, but another. Won't spoil it for you. Instead, I'll leave you a hint as to what my partner in crime would look like (not exact, but you get it). Dashing!

Image via High Snobiety

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Currently Inspired by Outerspace

Or what I think fashion would be like there. I bought a Nike+ SportBand over the weekend, not because I run - but because it was cool looking and had some functionality (and the packaging was great - leave it to APPLE!). I joked that it made me look like I was under house arrest.

Mr. W thinks house arrest bracelets are bigger to which I replied: "They put me away because I'm a spy, so mine brace is much more stealth and high tech than the traditional ones." I may not be a tech genius, which explains why I can't yet change the time on my time-telling wristband, but I've since researching what other non-sport versions are available.

Like this gun metal version - very masculine robot looking.

Or this sort of disco on your wrist! I think this could be very fun and entertaining when in serious meetings.

This one is very sporty and mininimalist.

I love how solid but streamlined this watch by Nooka is.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 19 + 20: Secret and Monster Hearts and Because I Can for Pablove

Day 19: Okay, I've resorted to counting undercover hearts as fair game. It's sort of heart to wear your flair in a more professional environment I find - or maybe the sort of flair that I happen to own. Here's a shot of the article in question.

Day 20: A more liberating expression of this heart madness! Today Mr. W and friends went to the LA Marathon expo -to pick up info and free stuff, in preparation for tomorrow's LA Marathon!

The Because I Can team is running for the PABLOVE Foundation - it's not too late to DONATE! XO

Friday, March 19, 2010

RP& (of RPA fame) X Jean Aw (of NOTCOT fame)

Thanks to Jean of NOTCOT (one of my all time favorite sites!) for paying me a visit at RPA yesterday and for eating Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches with me at the Architizer launch party (dinner of champions).

She just posted some cool shots of the RP& space - more to come!

See the full RP& post on NOTCOT here.


Friday FUN!

Happy Friday everyone!

This video made me smile (what long hard work must have been put into developing all the pieces and timing it to music), so I'm passing it on - enjoy!

PS - past day hearts coming soon! Double XO.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Graphic Cities

No Los Angeles?

Oh well, these posters from Heads of State are still quite lovely!

Day 16 + 17: Late Hearts!

Sorry! Day 16 is a day late. Yesterday's heart was a long necklace U-Lock and an OBEY-ified bike gear. See how the gear is made up of little hearts? (I know sort of a stretch, but I'm still getting used to my new schedule).

Day 17: Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I don't know about you, but some Guinness Chocolate Cake sounds delicious right about now. And so does some Fish & Chips...and beer. It'll be some time before I can get home to enjoy the festivities, but it's been a good day nonetheless.

I didn't wear green by the way, and my heart - well, it's undercover! So instead, I'm posting a picture of our dog Melo's nose. I think that heart mark is a message from the gods, that she's special (or has special powers. She can chew pens like nobody's business, that's for sure)! XO

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 15: The Ides of March Heart/Honest Heart

Today was the historic day that Julius Caesar was stabbed by his BFF Brutus.

Today is also the day that I started freelancing at a wonderfully familiar agency, working with old friends. It's on the westside so I have to leave earlier than I've been waking up, as of late! There wasn't much time to adorn myself with a good heart (excuses, excuses). Instead, I bore a shameful, quickly drawn heart on the inside of my wrist, sorry! Here's to hopes of a more festive showing tomorrow. XO

Mr. W's 2010 Garden

Last year, Mr. W planted a fantastic garden which yielded heaps of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, onions and beans. I think Mr. W's handiness and earthy hobbies are so lovely.

Here's a peek before the bed gets filled with soil.

He built the bed on legs so it's easier access for us, more difficult for the dogs! Not that the dogs care.

Millie is too concerned with sunning herself and Melo (and her heart nose) just likes to love.

I think this is next on the homestead list for Mr. W. XO

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 14: Hippie Hearts

Today's heart was a last minute outfit decision for a last minute brunch with Nicky and my friend Troy (btw, delicious brunch at Auntie Em's today!).

I forgot I had this tunic. It was actually a dress when I first bought it, but I accidentally laundered it and it shrunk. At first I liked it too much to let it go, but I think today is the last I'll wear it. I guess Happy Hearts month is about breaking up too. XO

Wonderland Heart Follow up

I really loved this movie. The effects, the colorful set design, the costumes. Makes me want to get an exotic cat that looks like the Cheshire Cat and get a whole new Victorian wardrobe. And have tea parties (oh and re-read the Lewis Carroll's books)! XO

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 13: Wonderland Hearts

My heart supply isn't exactly depleted, I do have some pieces that I'm saving for later this month, so I'm not entirely panicked.

My mom was worried that I was running "dangerously low." So she was sweet enough to pick up this little bracelet for me. It's made of heart links - and is actually a piece from the Disney Wonderland collection. How timely - as we're watching Alice In Wonderland 3-D tonight! XO

Note - more heart inspiration at Topshop, here and here!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 12: Shot Through the Heart

Is it weird that one of my Pilates instructors likes to play Bon Jovi during class?

Today's heart isn't very inspired to tell you the truth. It's an arrow plunging through a heart. I love arrows almost as much as I love hearts. Probably because I'm a Sagittarius.

Today is sort of a TGIF day. And for me to be saying that, means it has probably been a heck of a week for everyone else! Looking forward to dinner at MALO tonight with my friend Fern.

Happy Weekend! Hope to have more inspired posts the next few days! XO

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 11: eye heart you.

Today marks the first foray into face painting. Surely not to be the last, as I have 20 more days to go! And not nearly as much jewelry or clothes with hearts as I thought.

* This heart was drawn with a NARS purple eye pencil and MAC turquoise glitter liquid liner.

And for those of you that think that this is easy because I have nowhere to go today, I actually have to take a meeting today and pick up Nicky from school! XO

Morning Views

I have a new morning routine as of late, which usually consists of some sort of healthy fiber cereal, a cup+ of freshly brewed coffee (I'm the only one in the house who drinks it) and getting caught up on my blog feeds. It's such an inspiring way to start the day. I do miss the morning rush - but a start like this provides a framework for a nice, sunny day - even if it may be gloomy out. Which is not the case today!

Today is pretty glorious in Los Angeles. Here are some quick snapshots from this morning, of my favorite plants in the backyard.

BTW, this morning I compared my current life to summers I experienced as a kid. I'm finally relishing this time to explore, meet new people, meet old friends, walk around and reconnect with Mr. W and Nicky at dinner time. It's kind of rad. XO

PS- I love vintage LA images posted on ACL. It makes even current Angelenos want to live here, back then and today.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 10: Vintage Hearts + Inspired Outfit!

Today's heart was a find at Minette's in Echo Park. It's a vintage, victorian bracelet, or really - a segment of a necklace that I use as a bracelet. The links are flowers each composed of 4 hearts, flanked by smaller scroll-hearts.

And although I'm not going to an office everyday (these days) - I just don't throw on a heart and call it a day! For me, getting dressed is one of life's simple (though sometimes complicated) pleasures - and dictates how ready I am for the world (or will the world be ready for me?).

Today I was inspired by my heart piece - which called for a little bohemian, a little Victorian and a lot of little details. XO

Spring is Near!

I know I'm normally a cool-weather girl, but these pieces have me anticipating Spring (maybe time for a weekend away in Palm Springs before it gets too warm)! XO

St. Vincent dress by Rachel Comey

Dreaming in Green skirt from Anthropologie

Thaw shift from Hayden Harnett
(bonus: great cut-out detail in the back)

Metallic Ipswich wedge by Rachel Comey