Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Shots from Jazz Fest 2010

Some of my favorite shots from around the festival:

An artist's sparkly red trainers!

Beautiful beads from a Congo Square Marketplace stand.

Of course, every festival has those t-shirts that make you laugh then wonder "How often does he/she wear that?"

Obviously, some festival goers just like to be comfortable.

My version of comfort at a big music festival (aside from a trailer to call home while working), hot beignets and iced cafe au lait!

Rain or shine...

Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy, dressed with pickles, hot sauce and mayonnaise.

Mr. Okra, apparently had a documentary at Sundance this year.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Orleans, I'm Here.

I'm in NOLA for work. My flight was great, my rental experience was so-so and someone hacked into my account (temporarily suspending my BLOG! gasp.).

Great things are, I got to see one of my best friends in the whole world, and drank some strawberry Abita and ate french fries. Life could be worse.

There's a lot to love about this town, outside of Bourbon Street. People are friendly. The architecture is gorgeous. And you can take your drink to go. Some snapshots though out the evening:

The International Hotel bar.

Pretty mirror inspiration for Mr. W and my mirrored wall masterpiece.

Ms. Shelle the Southern Belle. A shy moment. PS. her hair is pretty rad.

Buildings. I love them.

Details on said buildings. They sure don't make them like they used to.

More adventures in the Big Easy to come. XOXO

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Must Be Mad! A Couture Wedding Dress

Bridal showers, in a sense, prepare the bride for her big day. Gifts for her trousseau, staples to make her new home complete and a symbolic event which wraps her up in love and sends her off on her new journey as wife.

Well, yesterday, my ladies also dressed me in couture. As they circled me with trinkets and tulle and...toilet paper, I felt like I was in that scene, from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, where Kirsten Dunst is surrounded by her ladies in waiting and emerges anew in her royal French couture.

The finished product.

PS. this is perhaps the only time one can get away with toilet paper trailing from her dress or shoes.

And the unraveling.

Again, so much gratitude for a lovely day! I can't wait to see you all in May. XOXO

Madhatter Party Guests

I'm so grateful for my beautiful friends who made yesterday such a beautiful day! I'm so glad that people turned out in hats (although I didn't wear mine very long) and hope they had a great time - I certainly did. Most of these photos were taken from my dear friend Stephanie Hutin, who didn't make any cameos on film it seems!

Fern, co-hostess and organizer of the party. I kept fawning over her dress.

Guests looking on as I open gifts.

The lone men of the party: my sweet boy Nicholas and one of my besties: Troy.

Sophia and Gigi certainly know how to make the most of the theme! (Gigi made her hat!)

More shots of the party at the table.

My happy mom (center).

My cousin Maria with my BIG day bouquet.

Check out Jeanette's Eugenia Kim for Target green-banded hat.

Tara was my stately parasol holder for a time.

That parasol is very becoming on April.

My childhood friend: Amy Ulrich Dichter.

One of our flower girls: Miss Vivienne Fairey, as Alice in Wonderland.

Madhatter Party Details

We knew that hats would bring a certain level of prim-and-proper-ness to a party - and it was just as much fun to get all the little details together. Here are a few snapshots of the ambience.

Tropical birds adorned the table (salt & pepper shakers)

Of course, this crowd is about good food! Really lovely salads, home baked breads, an assortment of bagels and cream cheese, mimosas, Shakshuka, bacon and sausage from a local shop, quiche galore and Steph's lady fingers with chocolate ganache sprinkled with lavender.

Princess cake (a blanket of celadon marzipan hides layers of light-as-air white cake, whipped cream and raspberry preserves)

Guests bear gifts and shield themselves from the spring time sun with hand-painted parasols.

A sneak peak at my beautiful BIG day bouquet

Words of advice, for a long and happy marriage, from my beautiful friends.

More images of the guests in their hats coming up!