Friday, April 9, 2010

New Orleans

In a few weeks, I'll be off to the Big Easy for work (how lucky am I?). But I'm having a conundrum, or really an issue of pocketbook proportions. I need to be comfortable (shoes!) and ready for anything (layer), but I want to be stylish.

I keep browsing on line and putting all sorts of fantasticness in my shopping carts, but can never seem to commit and check out! It's nice to dream isn't it? Here's what's on my list.

  • A hat for sun protection!
  • A tambourine cross body purse
  • A light military-influenced jacket
  • Lots of floral dresses (so easy, I'm done!)
  • Saddle shoes with ruffly ankle socks


  1. I've decided that you must have that hat to wear in New Orleans, and I want to see pics ;)

  2. yes for saddle shoes and ruffle socks. love them!