Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Week Has Arrived

It's been a crazy past few weeks. Not just because of this weekend's wedding (gasp!), but work, commuting, life - and this week is no exception (minus work). Well, work is about to get replaced with in-from-out-of-town family and last minute errands!

Take a deep breath, JD.

At the end of the day, it's just one day. But it's going to be an amazing day. Even without the dress, the music, the revelry - I'm just excited to marry my mister wonderful! (And have cake, finally!)


Image from Wildflowers Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Good Thing

With traffic, I have the opportunity to remind myself (after seeing this billboard off the 10 Freeway) how much I can't wait for season 3 (June 13).

And what True Blood post would be complete without a beauty shot of Sheriff Eric (sigh). Don't worry Mr. W, he's much, much older! XO

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Reverse French Manicure

I think I will do this very soon. Not for the wedding, but I may indulge before my "classic" bridal manicure: speaking of, classic red or nude?

This reverse french is very sexy. I may bring it out after I'm an old married marm, just to keep the Mister on his toes. XO

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magical Hippie Hair

Lately, I've been on an Etsy kick. Looking for vintage, burlesque, jewelry, tea towels.

Random searches lead me to hair halos and flower wreaths. Not the Ren Fair kind (although I found some of those), more like the nymph in the woods kind. Pretty.

Galadriel from Gardens of Whimsy

Miss Darcy from The Honeycomb

Now all I need is a Grecian Goddess dress and I'm there! I will now do a search for fairy dust. You really can find everything on Etsy! XO

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eating In on Mom's Day

I think my mom knows how much I love and appreciate her.

Afterall, she was the recipient of countless cards stating as much,when I was a kid. There were so many, she has admitted to only keeping the best ones (it's not as heartbreaking when you understand that I made SOOO many, it was like weeds).

This mother's day, I made brunch for my mom and the men in my life. It was so nice to be home and not have to wait for a table to be ready (even with reservations), not to mention eating a prix fixe menu that always leaves me hungry afterward.

(side note: It was Mother's Day a year ago that Mr. W proposed to me - and our big day is at the end of the month).

Here's what Cafe JD served:

Fresh fruit salad with yogurt & honey

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Parsley and Asparagus tossed in some Olive Oil & Brown Sugar (just a pinch)

Dainty Cupcakes and Key Lime Tart courtesy of my Mom (from Whole Foods and delicious!)

Bacon and Chicken Sausage (so easy when cooked on a baking sheet, in the oven)

Creme Brulee French Toast (soaked in the egg mixture overnight then topped with a freshly made caramel sauce just before baking)

Eggs Florentine (Poached or Scrambled eggs atop Creamed Spinach and Fresh Tomatoes)

I love to cook and it's even more rewarding when I cook for the people I love. Hope you had a Happy Mom's Day too! XOXO

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the Family

Have I mentioned that my dad's mom came from a family of jewelers? It's true, Dorothea Posadas was my great grandmother, and from the stories my dad told me, she was a quite a presence, but more on that another time. As far as I know, my great grandmother was the in the jewelry business, but I'm sure it spans as far back to our ancestors in Spain.

I attribute my love of jewelry (all sorts) to Dorothea. While in New Orleans, I stopped into some antique shops and purchased a turquoise ring (December's semi-precious stone is turquoise) and another simpler gold ring, which is probably meant for a man, actually both seem to be meant for a man, but that adds to their charm.

When I wear them, I feel like I'm one of those people who scour antique and flea markets all the time. Or better: that I've had these rings in my family for at least a century - which given my ancestry, is quite possible. XO

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Haunted NOLA

I got back to Los Angeles last night. It feels great to be home, but New Orleans captivated me. Of course it's known for music, but there's a thriving art scene that I took for granted, until this trip. There's a genuineness and generosity embedded in the city and that's found in it's art too.

While we were there, we discovered local photographer, Frank Relle. Though the homes aren't necessarily ghostly in nature, nighttime tends to amplify potential creep crawlies which may lay in wait. Don't you think? XO

Monday, May 3, 2010

Symbolic Charms

As a rule, I feel gifts need to be sentimental, and representative of the recipient.

Needless to say, shopping for bridesmaids gifts is not the easiest task in the world and boy have I been looking (and can't make up my mind).

Jewelry is definitely on the short list, and I happened upon Elizabeth Cole, whose line is based on antique jewelry and motifs, which range from the Zodiac to nature. Definitely statement pieces, even the dainty ones have some heft. I have to say, I wish I could afford all of her pieces! They'd definitely make a wardrobe of plain black dresses!

I love stars. Since I was a girl, I wanted to catch one and place it in a jar.

A Sagittarius charm (doubles as an "S" for my man, SLoW!).

Aries. I'm not averse to wearing a different astrological sign (is that bad ju-ju?), at least it's a fire sign, like mine!

Les etoiles!

These scary fish heads are balanced by the beautiful detail of their scales.

All pieces from Elizabeth Cole.

NOLA Laundry

I've been here for almost 2 weeks, so I had to do laundry at some point. It turned out to be one of the highlights of this trip. I know it seems mundane, but I felt like a local, going to a laundromat away from the tourist parts of town.

Plus, there was this really cool neighborhood ice cream shop at the corner, where I saw a bus driver stop, throw on his hazards and come back smiling with an ice cream cone in his hand. He inspired me to enjoy a strawberry sundae.