Saturday, July 31, 2010

Among Giants

Um, I was shocked to see how just how much Mr. W's garden is growing...

I mean, isn't this over sized for a zucchini? I didn't photograph the other squash, but trust that it is rather gigantic too!

I suspect that Mr. W secretly traded our non-existent cow for some magic beans on the side of the road. But instead if a large vine reaching up into the heavens, there's a little fee fie foe fum happening with the vegetables.

Either way I'm happy (I think I will try to my hand at pickling!) though it might have been cool to see a singing harp lady and a goose that lays solid gold eggs.


Friday, July 30, 2010

About Mid-Year Check In

My current vision board

Remember this POST from New Year's? Here's an honest status of how I'm doing.
  • Focus on things I'm passionate about, and diversify. Hmmm. I really do think I'm doing this. The last few years took me away from hands-on creative concepting, but they also opened my eyes to self-confidence and self-reliance. I'm still passionate about the same things (fashion, beauty, food, blogging) - but the things I'm choosing to focus on have a layer of that new sense-of-self-stuff.
  • Rethink/recreate my presentation. I've been dressing up for work, even though everyone else seems to be dressing down. I know that right now, I prefer a look with no bangs, my hair parted at the center - seems to match my penchant for minimalist/boho styles these days. I still have a ways to go on presenting what I think I look like on the inside. On a side note, I think my curriculum vitae suits me very well!
  • Amp up my fitness/healthful eating habits (1. Of course I'd like to look amazing in my wedding dress, but 2. isn't always just nice to feel your best?). OK. Truth be told, this has not been my best resolution after the wedding. I went from Pilates 3-4x a week, to none and with my commute, the most I can fit in these days are walks. This is definitely an area in need of focus.
  • Be more patient! Right now. You have no idea how much my patience has been tested. I get an A++ and the mysterious letter that comes before A, I've been practicing this very well!.
  • Read more (books). I have a book in progress. And another in queue. Not bad.
  • Be excited everyday. I'm excited for coffee everyday. It's a step. I also never tire of welcoming Mr. W home. It's the little things.
  • Live in the present, with some designs in mind for the next moment, tomorrow, beyond. CHECK!
  • Overall: smile more, pout less. Our wedding photographer remarked on my smile on our wedding day. I know that's so random, but that little memory reminds me to put my best face forward. Plus, I realized, no one likes a poopy pants.
Wow! I highly recommend checking in on your resolutions. I'm feeling very productive this year, so far! XOXO

POKETO at Target!

WOW! I'm really excited about this.

1. Because these guys are based in LA, so I have to root for the local design community!
2. It's awesome and I'm glad to see that Target is finding talent that's a little below the radar.

Congrats to Poketo! Learn more about the collection hitting Target August 10 HERE.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I may have broken my knee on a bike, but that doesn't stop the itch to get on one more frequently than I have time for these days.

I was excited to hear about cicLAvia - happening in LA on October 10 (10/10/10).

What a great idea! It further sparked thoughts that the little town of Montrose where Mr. W and I got married should consider it for the shopping park strip of Honolulu Ave. It already has such Euro qualities, it would make sense for that street to be more bike friendly!


Smokin' photo of the lady with lovely gams by The Sartorialist!

Monday, July 26, 2010

See Jane Fight

It's no secret: I LOVE Jane Austen's novels (Miss Austen and I also share a birthday). Recently, I've been tempted to read the zombified versions of her books - but haven't yet decided (and I still have other books in queue).

But this, THIS is hysterical! XO

Real Average F.C.

Real Average Football Club - logo designed by Casey Ryder

Just when you thought it was time to put away your Vuvuzela - a new team emerges to bring new meaning to the AYSO - in this case: All Your Sundays Over.

All joking aside, it really is exciting. Mr. W is playing soccer again, this time with a few folks from my old family at OBEY Giant and Studio Number One. That means I get to catch up with some of my favorite people! A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. XO

Observe the green and blue jerseys (official uniforms coming soon).

Bryan, semi-fresh from his stint at the World Cup.

Dan's outlook can be summed up by this statement:
Do you want to win by one goal or by two?

My Mr. W - very Tim Howard-esque?

More game action.

A former sweeper, Mr. W finds it difficult to use his hands, even as a goalie!

Real Average FC victorious! A shut out in their first game.
I'm still pressing my Vuvuzela app repeatedly.

ALL Photos by Weston Deboer

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steam Dream

Hot tubs have been on my brain since the girls and I were in Palm Springs. Fellow Palm Springer and blogger, Jeanette just had a new hot tub installed on her deck. Can't wait to see it!

I've actually seen some pretty serene looking Japanese soaking tubs. Even the concrete block one above, isn't so bad! But maybe it's because Steve McQueen makes anything look good. XO

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Psst - Pass The Milk Please.

I didn't know these things existed. That is until last year when we helped a friend move and I inquired about a little door to a compartment that had another little door to the outside.

She said it was a milk door, where the milk man delivered the goods. Like a secret passageway? Or the little conversation slot in a confessional? I was so intrigued. I wanted to take a saw to that section of the house and cut the whole thing out to study further.

I didn't of course, but it would be cool to have one in our house! Especially now that the milk man has returned! What a fantastic idea.


Image from Flickr/aptrail2005

Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden Update

Remember Mr. W's garden?

It's been awhile since I followed him back there, during daylight, to check on the progress, but I did just that this weekend. Oh my green goodness! Here are a few snapshots.

Watermelon vines reaching out to touch-

Tomato plants and sunlight -

Beautiful foliage (zucchini leaves look very tropical, don't you think?)-

More blossoms from the garden floor -

I should know this already, but I did not know zucchini grew that way our of the blossoms!

Mr. W's very proud of his Straight 8s, they'll be delicious in homemade sunimono salad -

A garden gnome busy keeping the green beans company -

It's amazing what he's done. He's been very diligent about checking on his garden everyday, watering, trimming, adjusting. So proud of him! Don't you think he needs to be a featured farmer at one of our favorite east side eateries: Forage? XO

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Cocktail Attire

Well hello spherical heat lamp in the sky.

It's been warming up these days and I like it (for the moment). It's the type of weather that inspires a pretty drink in a tall glass with lots of ice alfresco with friends, or just people watching, solo - in this dress!

I'd wear it with flat sandals and a few simple gold bangles. Happy summer! XO

Seraphina dress from J.Crew

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On The Road

Now that I'm back to my old commuting days, I've adopted the habit of changing shoes in the car.

1. It saves the back of my nice heels from unnecessary wear while sitting in traffic.

2. You really need to give those arches and calves some rest from wearing high heels. (bonus: if I decide to go out after I get to the east side, I feel somewhat refreshed from the break).

3. It's just a good idea to have a pair of flats with you, in the event of an impromptu walk or, gasp! a broken heel.

Enter the ropey soles espadrille from Madewell.

My new favorite seasonal driving flat. So comfy and the bottoms grippy. They're a modest take on the classic driving moc.

I don't think they're so photogenic, but they are so cute in real life and quite summery! XO

Available in other colors online at Madewell.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Well Rounded Lunch

Applause! Especially when I so often forget to pack anything to eat. I've started my budget conscious life (at least for the moment).

I always have snackage on hand, hence the wasabi peas. Peaches are in season, pleasantly fuzzy and this one's not too juicy yet (I don't like messy fruit). Blueberries are so dang cute, not to mention they are perfect little packages of antioxidants.

Viva la summer! (yes, I know it's "verano"). What are you eating for lunch?


Reflection Walls

Whenever Mr. W and I see a cool mirror (that's unique or reasonably priced or both), we pick it up and add it to our "mirror wall." The wall is coming together quite nicely and we're running out of room.

If our mirror collection flows over to another wall (or room), the culprit will likely be one of these dramatic beauties.

All mirrors from Wisteria Home.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dreaming of the things I'd like to do

This weekend:

See the sun for at least a moment or a day.

Perfect one recipe (which I've been working on for awhile).

Watch a movie, in a proper theater. I haven't seen one summer movie yet!

A walk with the dogs.

World Cup!

True Blood on Sunday night.

A swim (or float) would be lovely, sans full party attire. Yes it happened, last Saturday.

I'm looking forward to a somewhat mellow few days, I hope! XOXO

image from Ffffound

The Stars & the Sky

I shall continue the trend of favoring dresses everyday because it's easy (read: it's difficult to dress early in the morning before work, especially when it's overcast outside my window).

Judge me if you will! I'm still going to covet this dress by Tsumori Chisato.

Even better that it goes from day to night (now that's just lazy of me). XOXO

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer's Bounty

So Mr. W just pulled the first harvest from this year's garden project: the biggest bowl of home grown green beans I've ever seen! Mmmm. We're really excited to eat them. I think I'll saute them quickly in some olive oil and sea salt with dinner tonight.

I can't wait for the zucchini though. The blossoms have been so pretty - I've been tempted to pick them. Instead, I've allowed them to grow into lovely squashlets. I really want try this recipe for Mr. W's favorite: Fried Zucchini - this version's beer-battered.

Last but not least, we have the most freakish lemons ever! Have you ever seen a lemon that looked like a banana or a slender witch's finger? Come to our house if you're curious. For some reason we have a whole tree of crazy lemons. Remarkably, they are very juicy and not too tart!

Our good friend Troy asked I've ever made a Chess Pie, he's a Southern boy after all. He's asked enough times for me to get the hint. With my current interest in pies and abundance of lemons, a Lemon Chess Pie is on my to-bake list, perhaps this weekend! This one looks particularly luscious (some look down right cake-y), not surprising, it's from his native Nashville. XO


Mr. W, Nicky and I went for a quick trip to the Bay Area this past weekend. It's always inspiring!

Rolling hills, family and, I won't lie, food - all those things make me very happy. I tend to daydream on the road trip back and this time my dreams consisted of a rectangular pool, squarish timber houses and goats (more on that later).

And while we're at it, I would like that pool (and hot tub of course) to be heated with solar energy. XO

Top home from hometown favorite Barbara Bestor
2nd home by Dick Clark Architecture via Trendir
3rd home by Quezada Architects via Trendir

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Say Cheese!

What a great idea for the next big brunch party (although I can see this as a wedding cake too).

Stacks of assorted cheese wheels for a dessert cheese course, instead of the traditional sweet course (but why not have both?).

A little slice of Humboldt Fog, some Truffle Tremor - mmmm, sounds heavenly right now.

The pictured tiered cheesecake is actually available for order, from one of my favorite California cheese makers: Cypress Grove Chevre. XO

Late to the Dance Party?

I did not know that Nike made dance shoes. Granted, these aren't demure ballet shoes - but they are cool! Like sneakers with an artful purpose vs. just for fun or just for sport. I think if I wore them I'd feel like a Dancing Machine (albeit at home, in the dark).

+ I love the detail of the little cut out at the heel.

Half the fun is designing your own pair - click here to start your dance revolution! XO