Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovely Package, Built-in Surprise

Last night we came home to a package - a much coveted package from Heath Ceramics (a wedding gift from my friend Jeremy!).

A lovely gift. Something from our registry. Definitely the gift he ordered, based on the shipping bill. But this gift came with an unintended surprise. See below a little tour of the opening.

I love branded packing tape.

Inside: well-designed/recycled paper peanuts.

Had to take another photo, they are so cool!

After some digging, I spied a most beautiful blue. Yay!

Right side up and out of the box. This is why Heath Ceramics is amazing.

Did I mention the handwritten card we got? I know Jeremy ordered one, it was in the shipping bill (handwritten card, qty: 1). Such a beautiful weight and nice cotton feel to the paper. Satsuma Press is the card company.

But! It looks like the packer accidentally stuck the wrong card with our gift! Oops.

Jeremy, it's OK. We can pretend the sentiments from Lauren are yours! Thank you for the beautiful gift, we love it. XOXO


  1. What it was _supposed_ to say...

    Thank you for inviting me to be part of your special day. Enjoy!


  2. Oh, and a coupon code in the receipt that was sent to me: HRCFRHQ

    If there are things you want, it expires on 9/3. No idea how much the coupon is worth.

    And I was surprised no one had bought from Heath Ceramics! The stuff looked beautiful, and seemed your style.