Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olive Juice

Mr. W recently pointed out that we have an olive tree in front our house.

I always wondered what sort of berry/fruit littered our streets and seeing how I never figured out that it was an olive tree, someone needs to take away my self-proclaimed "I-love-olive-trees!" badge. But truth be told, the only olive trees I've been exposed to in the city are tidy non-fruit bearing trees in terra cotta planters.

So the real question is...urban foraging. Should I collect these olives and make something with them? This recipe looks simple and delicious! Friends I've surveyed say YES! to experimenting with the neighborhood fruit (and Mr. W thinks I need to keep a branch handy for the times I disrupt his peace, ha!). XO

1 comment:

  1. Do it! Making interesting concoctions from fruit-bearing plants is so fun. A while back I made some kumquat marmalade from the prolific kumquat tree in the backyard of our rental. Now I have an orange tree in the front yard of the house we just bought... I see some kind of homemade orange-based holiday gifts in my future... :)