Monday, February 11, 2013

Good reason to be happy this Monday morning.

My husband and I have been sentimental about New Orleans lately and thinking about an upcoming trip there. And then I realized this morning that Mardi Gras is upon us (tomorrow is Fat Tuesday)!

If I had time to bake, I'd make my own King Cake. And I still might as I've been wanting to get really good at baking brioche (it seems to be the base of most sweet breakfast breads of my Filipino/Spanish heritage).

Instead I'm ordering a few from a local cuban bakery: Porto's and it's sure to be amazing.  I seriously could eat EVERYTHING in their bakery cases, no joke.

Isn't that the point of tomorrow anyway, to go a little wild before some self-imposed austerity measures?  Laissez les bon temps roulez!

photo from Porto's

A little trivia: the founder of the bakery started her business working out of her home in Silverlake and had a little bakery for awhile in Echo Park.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finally, a uniform store for grown-ups

I grew up wearing uniforms for school.  Button down oxford shirts, grey wool-gabardine skirts and my favorite: my elementary plaid jumper dresses with emblazoned with embroidered badges.

From my college days to the height of my single lady years, I kind of went wild with color and patterns.  Turquoise, pink, yellow, orange, green - you name it, I had it with shoes, tights, outfits, purses, eyeshadow.  Sometimes all at the same time, in pleasing arrangements of course.

I still try to keep my personality in my outfits (as seen in my latest purchase), but have gone a decidedly simpler route.  This has been a theme in the last few years of my life with early mornings and packing my outfits the night before, typically at the most tired, uninspired moment of my day.  It needs to be easy people - sort of like a uniform!

I was exceedingly happy to stumble upon the online shop Everlane.  Unlike most other sign-up-to-shop sites, which are indistinguishable - this one speaks loudly to me.  Pure unadulterated simple staples.  Ahhhh.

The Men's French Terry in Merlot

The Silk Blouse in Navy